JSBIT at Dubai Blockchain Life 2023
JSBIT at Dubai Blockchain Life 2023: Leading the Mining Machine Revolution

JSBIT at Dubai Blockchain Life 2023: Leading the Mining Machine Revolution

JSBIT at Dubai Blockchain Life 2023: Leading the Mining Machine Revolution



As a premier mining machine supplier, JSBIT's participation in the Dubai Blockchain Life 2023 conference stands out as a significant highlight of our year. As the Diamond sponsor of this event, we are more than just exhibitors; we are both witnesses to and shapers of this transformative era, observing the burgeoning growth of blockchain technology both in the Middle East and globally.

We are deeply honored to serve as the Diamond sponsor for such a prestigious event. This role is not just a nod to our brand but a testament to the quality of our products and services. We've always held the belief that technology should serve humanity, and our mining machines embody this philosophy. Over the years, our products have catered to thousands of customers globally, enabling them to seamlessly and reliably integrate into the blockchain world, garnering widespread acclaim.


At the conference, we proudly showcased our latest mining machine products, the WhatsMiner M60 & M63, which set industry benchmarks in both performance and stability. We are confident that our display will inspire even more businesses and individuals to recognize our capabilities and opt for our products.

JSBIT is a strategic partner of both Bitmain and Microbit. At the Dubai exhibition, we introduced the MicroBT WhatsMiner M63 hydro-cooling mining machine and the WhatsMiner M60 Air Cooling Spot Order.


WhatsMiner M63 Specifications:

Hashrate: 366T/334T
Power Efficiency: 19.9J/TH
Power on Wall 7283W/6646W ±3%
PSU AC380~480V, Input 10kw
Net Weight: 27.5kg
Dimensions: 86mm x 483mm x 663mm (including handle)

WhatsMiner M60 Specifications:

Hashrate: 172T/156T
Power Efficiency: 19.9J/TH
Power on Wall: 3422W/3104W ±3%
Net Weight: 13.5KG
Dimensions: 430mm x 155mm x 226mm

Beyond showcasing our products, we forged strategic collaborations with numerous mining farms and users. The evolution of blockchain technology demands a collective effort, and we believe that through collaboration, we can unlock even greater value.

Concurrently, we've been actively engaging with governments and regulatory bodies worldwide, advocating for a favorable environment for blockchain growth.

As a primary sponsor, JSBIT, in collaboration with event organizers, hosted several seminars and tech exchange sessions. These sessions featured leading industry experts sharing their latest research and practical applications, fostering discussions that can propel the growth and application of blockchain.

Reflecting on the conference, our pride is palpable. Not just for our sponsorship role, but for witnessing the boundless potential of blockchain technology. We are convinced that blockchain will redefine our future, and we are poised to be at the forefront of this revolution.

In closing, our heartfelt gratitude goes to the organizers of the Dubai Blockchain Life conference for offering such an outstanding platform. We are optimistic that, together, we will illuminate an even brighter future for blockchain technology.


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Post time: Nov-02-2023